Exhibition “Excess in Elegance. Dawid Tomaszewski: A Decade and a Half” at the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin from 4.7. – 6.10.2024

On the occasion of the donation of the Polish-German fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski, the Kunstgewerbemuseum Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin is showing works from his last 15 years. The exhibition also includes a joint work by Scharein and Dawid: a pair of jeans and a T-shirt as a unique creation with chiffon, tulle and sequins, which is currently on display in the museum with Scharein’s painting “Helios” is currently on display in the museum.

Exhibition opening on 18.11.2023 in Schorndorf

The series DIE KRAFT DER FARBEN has now been completed and I am very pleased to present my new works at the Bech Art Gallery.
The exhibition opening will take place on November 18th at the Kunstgalerie Bech Schorndorf

You are very welcome!

Gottlob-Bauknecht- Straße 5 . D – 73614 Schorndorf
E-mail: kontakt@kunstgalerie-bech.de

Inspiring painting: Scharein at the ESMT Berlin, 2020

Inspiring painting: Scharein in der ESMT Berlin 2020

Since January 2020 until early 2023, large-format works by me in particular will be on display at the works by me at the European School for Management and Technologies in Berlin will be shown.

Address: ESMT Berlin, Schlossplatz 1 in 10178 Berlin.

Art night at the Business Club Stuttgart on 29.11.2019

Scharein - Kunst-Nacht im Business-Club Stuttgart 2019

On 21. November 2019 a vernissage took place at the Business Club Stuttgart with works by Scharein under the patronage of the Bech Art Gallery took place.
The organizer, the gallery owner Ms. Anja Bech, is of course also currently available for any further questions.

To the point – Color field painting Scharein 2017

Scharein - Ausstellungseröffnung Sozietät Manske 2017

More than 40 works by Scharein were shown at the Sozietät Manske in Berlin from 20.04. – 01.09.2017.
At the exhibition opening, Erwin Staudt, former chairman of the management of IBM Germany and honorary president of VfB Stuttgart e.V.