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“The freedom of art is courage.” – Scharein on the central idea of his work:

The impact of the paintings is not aimed at quick understanding, but requires time from the viewer. I wish viewers would dare to just perceive my paintings emotionally first, and then let themselves be guided. The topics of my multipart works are again and again: Where do we come from? What are we doing here? And what will come afterwards?

(Scharein, August 2015)


Exhibition opening on 18.11.2023 in Schorndorf

Exhibition opening on 18.11.2023 in Schorndorf

The series DIE KRAFT DER FARBEN has now been completed and I am very pleased to present my new works at the Bech Art Gallery. The exhibition opening will take place on November 18th at the Kunstgalerie Bech Schorndorf You are very welcome! Address: Gottlob-Bauknecht- Straße 5 . D - 73614 Schorndorf E-mail: ...











Corona-Cycle (2020 – 2022)

Immediately from March 2020 I used the unexpected “extra” time for a very complex series of works in the studio on the theme: The Complementary Contrasts.
Over the three years I have elicited the greatest possible increases in light, energy and colour intensity from my new paintings – as responses to the extraordinary challenges of the Corona period. (watch the video about the Corona-Cycle)