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“The freedom of art is courage.” – Scharein on the central idea of his work:

The impact of the paintings is not aimed at quick understanding, but requires time from the viewer. I wish viewers would dare to just perceive my paintings emotionally first, and then let themselves be guided. The topics of my multipart works are again and again: Where do we come from? What are we doing here? And what will come afterwards?

(Scharein, August 2015)


Video - 75. Geburtstag 2024

Special presentation on the occasion of my 75th birthday

On the occasion of my 75th birthday, there is a very special presentation in all rooms. With very recent, but also older works. The exhibition spans several decades. Have fun taking a look! ...














Corona-Cycle (2020 – 2022)

Immediately from March 2020 I used the unexpected “extra” time for a very complex series of works in the studio on the theme: The Complementary Contrasts.
Over the three years I have elicited the greatest possible increases in light, energy and colour intensity from my new paintings – as responses to the extraordinary challenges of the Corona period. (watch the video about the Corona-Cycle)