Arbeiten bis 1999

Works before 1999

THE SQUARE AS A BASIC MODULE: Basic grids of squares, reduced to black and white, are the distinguishing marks of my first phase of working as an artist. Over five years, the most reduced planar constellations became highly complex spatial objects.

SILKSCREENS – SILKSCREEN PAINTINGS: I began to work with color through the silkscreen technique in 1976. At first, I had no “handwriting” of my own.  I started by printing black-and-white raster objects, using color to convey their spatiality. I used the screen like most people use the brush, a new color with every printing. This resulted in unique silk-screen paintings, composed of many hundreds of color tones or print runs.

FROM PRINTS TO LINES - BRUSHWORKS: In 1981, I made the transition from my silk-screen technique to brushwork paintings. Continuing to develop the structure of the silk-screen paintings, I was able to find my own “handwriting” with the brush.

The topics of my multipart works are again and again: Where do we come from? What are we doing here? And what will come afterwards?
The impact of the paintings is not aimed at quick understanding, but requires time from the viewer. I wish viewers would dare to just perceive my paintings emotionally first, and then let themselves be guided.


"Scharein is a wondeful mixture: a tenacious, even obsessed, artist with an almost fanatical addiction to precision, to perfection, and at the same time an amiable, communicative person and host. The perseverance with which he works on his canvas and the friendly patience with which he explains his work to us! Thanks and respect for both!"
(Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Thierse)




Since March 2020 I have been using the unexpectedly "extra" time for a very complex series of works in the studio.
My theme: The complementary contrasts.
I try to elicit the greatest possible increase of light, energy and colour intensity from my paintings. My answers to these extraordinary challenges.

Chromatische Phantasie, 2020 -
Arbeitstitel 5/2020 -
Arbeitstitel IV, 2020 -
Ins Licht ins Leben, 2020 -
Lebenslicht -
Complementum 2020 -
Ein Tag im Mai, 2020 -
Paradoxon oder Farbmacht, 2020 -
Harmonisches Leuchten -
Arbeitstitel 4/2020 -
Licht aus Farbe, 2020  -
Arbeitstitel I, 2020 -
Swedagon 2020 -
Arbeitstitel III, 2020 -
Frühling, 2020 -
Arbeitstitel 3/2020 -
Der schräge Komplementär, 2020 -
Scharein über seinen Corona Zyklus


SCHAREIN - 14-i-80, sieb-gedruckt, Auflage 3/10, 1980
SCHAREIN - Siebgedruckt Quadrat rot, 1976
SCHAREIN - Kleiner Rousseau, 1982
SCHAREIN - Kreuz und Schatten der Vergangenheit, 1982
Scharein - Gruen-Rot, 1978 -


SCHAREIN - Utopia, 1969
SCHAREIN - Sechs freie Variationen (Kartonarbeit), 1974
SCHAREIN - 5 x 5 Quadrate, 1968
SCHAREIN - Variation Quadrat im Quadrat (Kartonarbeit), 1969
SCHAREIN - Variationen Quadrat im Quadrat, 1968
SCHAREIN - Manhattan, 1972
SCHAREIN - 3 x 5 Quadrate, 1972