Upcoming Exhibitions

Scharis neue Arbeitsserie hat begonnen

Scharein hat im Atelier eine neue Arbeitsserie begonnen und dafür eine spannende Veränderung in seinem Atelier vorgenommen. Lassen Sie sich überraschen!

Scharein Vernissage 22.10.22 in Schorndorf

Exhibition Scharein in Schorndorf - The Sound of Colours

From 21 October 2022 to 31 January 2023, the Bech Art Gallery in Schorndorf presents Scharein's exhibition "The Sound of Colours" in new exhibition rooms.

Offenes Atelier Scharein 2022

Offenes Atelier 2022 - Besucher im "Farbenrausch"

Nach schwierigen "Pandemiejahren" konnte ich am Wochenende 17./18. September endlich wieder ein offenes Atelier ohne Einschränkungen durchführen.

ausgezeichnete Arbeit von Scharein beim Andre-Evard-Preis 2022 -

Award for Scharein at the international André Evard Prize 2022

The kunsthalle messmer awarded the prestigious art prize in the field of concrete-constructive art for the 6th time on January 27, 2022.

Scharein was awarded 5th place for his work "Homage to (Theo) van Doesburg".

Bischof Markus Droege (Berlin) und Scharein -

Inspiring painting: Scharein in der ESMT Berlin 2020/2023

From January 2020 until February 2023, especially large-format works of mine will be shown at the European School for Management and Technologies in Berlin.

address: ESMT Berlin, Schlossplatz 1 in 10178 Berlin.


Scharein im Schloß Solitude Stuttgart -

Kunst-Nacht im Business-Club Stuttgart am 29.11.2019

Am  21. November 2019 fand im Business Club Stuttgart eine Vernissage mit Arbeiten  von Scharein unter der Schirmherrschaft der Kunstgalerie Bech statt.

Scharein in Bremen: Vernissage on May 8 at 6 pm

Scharein will present his works for the first time at the  Zentralbibliothek in Bremen, the town near his birthplace. The Exhibition (german title only): „Kunst auf den Punkt gebracht – die Leichtigkeit in der Anstrengung“ will be open from May 8th - June 15th.

The power of colors - Scharein 2019 at Galerie Messmer, Riegel

After two successful exhibitions in 2014 and 2016, works by Scharein were shown for the third time from 28.04. - 30.06.2019 in the GALERIE MESSMER in Riegel in the Kaiserstuhl.

Scharein bei Breuninger Stuttgart -

meet the artist: Scharein at Modehaus Breuniger in April 2019, Stuttgart

The famous fashion store Breuninger Stuttgart presented paintings from Scharein. The artist will be there at Saturday, 06.04.2019 between 11.00 - 14.00 Uhr.



Offenes Atelier Scharein 2022

Offenes Atelier 2022 - Besucher im "Farbenrausch"

Nach schwierigen "Pandemiejahren" konnte ich am Wochenende 17./18. September endlich wieder ein offenes Atelier ohne Einschränkungen durchführen.

Invitation to Open Study 17./18.09.2022 Scharein

kleiner Voraus-Einblick zum Offenen Atelier am 17. und 18. September 2022

Herzlich willkommen zum Offenen Atelier am 17. und 18. September 2022 im Atelier Scharein.

Einladung zum Offenen Atelier 2021 Scharein am 3./4. 09.2021

Invitation to the Open Studio 2021 on 3 and 4 September or by appointment.

I would like to invite you - with pleasure also in company - to get to know my new works in well ventilated rooms.

Many great and exciting worlds of colour have been created, see for yourself!

Scharein in front of new works, 12/2020

Light, energy and confidence through the power of colors

The first cycle of my corona works is finished. in ten intensive months of work incredibly powerful and luminious works have emerged, which give great pleasure and - hopefully confidence.
Please convince yourself!

Einladung Offenes Atelier Scharein 2020

Open Atelier Scharein 2020

This year almost everything is different. I have worked so intensively and much during the pandemic so far as I have rarely done before. And many great and exciting worlds of color have been created or are being created in the process.

From October 21 - 31, 2020, much to my delight, quite a number of people accepted the invitation to the days of my OPEN ATELIER SCHAREIN, and looked at my work together with me.

2019 offenen Atelier von Scharein -

OFFENES ATELIER SCHAREIN 2019 | 70 Jahre Scharein - 50 Jahre Malerei

Liebe Kunstfreundinnen und Kunstfreunde,

es hat mich sehr gefreut, dass so viele Interessierte am Samstag, den 14. September 2019, mein offenes Atelier besuchten.

Offenes Atelier Scharein -

open studio Scharein 22/09/2018

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
thank you so much for visiting me on 22. September 2018! It was really a pleasure to present my new works -
especially to or younger guests.


Offenes Atelier am 16. September 2017

A lot of visitors, old and young(er) guests came to my open studio event on 16th September 2017.

New colour field paintings and exciting, unique works for nimated and inspiring discussions - we had a wonderful day togester!


Offenes Atelier 10.09.2016 -

10. September 2016 - Open Studio

I could welcome a lot of people to my open studio and did show them my new works
Einladung_Offenes_Atelier_2016_Scharein.pdf  - only in German:-)

Einladung Offenes Atelier 2022 Scharein -

Invitation Open Studio 2022

On 17 and 18 September 2022 I invite you to my Open Studio at Hornstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg.